Petland Orlando South

Schedule an appointment below to get to learn how to wean your bird before taking it home

*Must have deposit or have paid in full to come to these classes*

How does this work?

We will show and teach you how to wean your baby bird from no experience to being able to take your baby bird home and weaning the baby bird yourself.

You have to complete 5 Classes before taking your bird home.

The first class you will be watching a Pet Counselor feed your bird and our birds.

The last 4 classes you will be able to make the food and feed your own bird.

Before you take your bird home to wean it, if you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable with taking home your bird to wean it yourself we are happy to wean the bird for you for the best interest for the bird.

*We also reserve the right to hold on to the bird till we are done weaning the bird*

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